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"The number of volunteers from Ewhurst and Ellen's Green was 'second to none'. The memorials show the price they paid"
Walter Stemp, one of the village's veterans



The Ewhurst War Memorial

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Captain William Ralph Frecheville. Royal Engineers. Executed after Capture, Rostov on Don, Russia, 09/01/1920, aged 24 Capt Raymond Leopold Greig Heath, Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment, Killed in Action 25/09/1915 at the Battle of Loos, France Capt Euston Francis Frederick Sartorius, Grenadier Guards, Died of Wounds 05/04/1915, sustained in the Battle of Neuve Chapelle Capt Evelyn Maxwell Webb, King's Royal Rifle Corps, Killed in Action, 23/07/1916, in the Battle of the Somme Sgt James George Dedman, Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment, Died of Wounds whilst a Prisoner of War, 28/08/1917  Sgt George Edward Ransom, 16th Lancers, Died of Illness in Epsom, 26/07/1918 Sgt Lionel Bertram Walker, Royal Fusiliers, Killed in Action, 17/02/1917, on the Somme. L/Cpl (?) Edward Ernest Whitty, Killed In Action, 20/10/1915, near Fricourt ( Somme).
West Face

Samuel Frederick Saunders. Munitions Worker. Killed in the Silvertown Munitions Factory explosion, London, 19/01/1917, aged 50
East Face

North Face

South Face

The main focus of Remembrance in the village of Ewhurst takes the form of a Celtic cross of Cornish granite. The lower faces carry lead lettering, depicting the the ranks, names and regiments of 51 men of the parish who died during, or as a result of the First World War. The memorial is sited in a very imposing position on The Mount in front of the church of St Peter and St Paul, overlooking the main road through the village. On the opposite side of the road is the village school and the cross itself is flanked by the Old Post Office, a public house at the time of the First World War and the three bay windows of Mount & Church Gate Cottages. At one time Mount Cottage  was used as a recruiting post within the village and it is poignant to reflect on how many of the men named on the monument attended the church and school, frequented the public house, and signed up for service within the surrounds of the Memorial.


The memorial, which at the time cost £250,  was funded by contributions within the village and unveiled by Mr Walter Webb (Chairman of the Ewhurst War Memorial Committee and father of the late Captain Evelyn M Webb) on Remembrance Sunday, 7th November 1920.










(Photo (L) courtesy of Nigel Balchin)


The last 3 names on the East face (Duffell, Westbrook & Rose) fall out of alphabetical order. Presumably this indicates that these men were added to the memorial at a subsequent date to it's commissioning. Pte Harry Duffell, MM DCM was killed in action on 21/08/1918, but his connection to the village has yet to be established. Pte Charles Westbrook & Pte William Rose both died after the war, on 08/02/1920 and 10/10/1921. This points at  an approximate time when the list of names to be included on all of the village memorials was finalised, presumably prior to the Committee being made aware of  Pte Westbrook's death on 8th February 1920. This does raise the question of the inclusion of Captain W R Frecheville, who was killed in Russia on  09/01/1920. His father was first informed that he was missing in early February 1920, received the news that he was likely to have been killed in March 1920, but who was not officially listed as 'dead' until April 1921. This information can be cross referenced with the names on the two brass War Memorial Plaques (see below).  Both originally contained 48 names (including Capt W R Frecheville). Omitted were Pte Charles Westbrook (died 08/02/1920), Pte William Rose (died 10/10/1921) & Pte Harry Duffell MM DCM (killed in action 21/08/1918). It is plausible that the list of 48 names was submitted after March, but the inclusion of Pte Charles Westbrook  and Harry Duffell had not been submitted until much later in the process.

On Remembrance Sunday each year, the villagers of Ewhurst & Ellen's Green recall the price paid by those names on the monument and others as they gather on the Mount, read the names of the Fallen and participate in the National Silence at 11am, which marks the Armistice of the First World War.

Renovation of the Ewhurst War Memorial


Ewhurst War Memorial Plaques

St Peter & St Paul Memorial Plaque

Within the church of St Peter and St Paul's and the Ewhurst Baptist Church are two identical brass plaques dedicated to the Memory of the Men of Ewhurst who died as a result of the Great War 1914-1918.

Originally bearing 48 names, it is believed that the plaques were commissioned at the same time as the Ewhurst War Memorial (see above).

The name of Pte Charles Westbrook, who died of illness after the war (08/02/1920) was subsequently added to the plaque located in the Ewhurst Baptist Church. Omitted from the plaques, but included on the war memorial are Pte William Rose (died 10/10/1921) & Pte Harry Duffell MM DCM (killed in action 21/08/1918 and whose connection with Ewhurst is unclear).



Ewhurst Baptist Church Memorial Plaque



Ewhurst Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour comprises of a leather bound book containing details of the parish fallen of both world wars.
It is held in the church of St Peter & St Paul in Ewhurst.

Some errors do exist and these are highlighted in Errors & Omissions


Ellen's Green War Memorial Tablet

This tablet originally formed the back rest of a stone memorial bench dedicated to the memory of the eight men of Ellen's Green who died as a result of the Great War 1914-1918. The names of the four men from Ellen's Green who gave their lives in the Second World War were added subsequently. The bench eventually fell into disrepair and the back rest was relocated to the Ellen's Green Village Hall.

Photo courtesy of Nigel Balchin

Nearby Parish War Memorials



Andrew Bailey, Ewhurst, Surrey